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Delhi Tax Bar Association was introduced in Delhi in the year 1954.The Delhi Tax Bar Association is registered under the Societies Registration Act,1860, vide Certificate of Registration No. S-776/Jsc of 1954 dt 12-10-1954under the name & style "Bar Association Income Tax" and in the year 1998 the name of the association have changed as "Delhi Tax Bar Association" and registration no. S/776/JFC of 1954-55 dt. 8-5-1998.

Delhi Tax Bar Association is a premier Tax Bar of the country. The Bar comprises of about 850 advocates practicing on taxation side.

The aims and objects of the Association, inter alia, are:-

To promote and maintain a high standard of professional brotherhood among the member of the Association;

To promote and diffuse knowledge and study of law and practice concerning GST, Income Tax, Business Profit Tax, Estate Duty and other allied Laws.

To Provide facilities and conveniences to the members of the Association, to maintain a library, to arrange meetings, conferences and the reading of papers on Income Tax and other subjects with a view to advancing, propagating, improving and simplifying the laws of taxation for the benefit of its members in particular and of tax payers in general;

To watch the state of laws relating to GST, Income-tax, Estate Duty and other taxation and allied laws;

To express opinion on proposed legislation of GST, Income Tax and connected laws and to make representations in respect thereof;

To promote, publish, issue and circulate gratuitously or otherwise any reports or periodicals, books, pamphlets, leaflets or other documents;

To promote, encourage or undertake organized, research and experiment work;

To promote and disseminate knowledge and study of any branch of law, jurisprudence and legislation;

To promote and provide support services to the members of the Association;


For the last many years, Bar Association has regularly been publishing its own Journal- "THE TAX BAR" found to be of immense help by the Members of the Bar.


At Delhi Tax Bar we believe that Bar Association should be a forum for intellectual persuits. The Bar Association, every month, regularly holds Study Circle Meetings, Group Discussions, in which queries of the members, particularly young members, are answered on the spot.


The Bar Association is equipped with one of the best Law Libraries in Delhi.

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